• “I really like the teachers. They're so nice and friendly and great with kids“

    Submitted July 21, 2014
  • “The teacher my daughter has is very patient and takes her time with the kids. She makes sure they all listen and do what they are suppose to. Also the option to be able to see my child online is very beneficial and it made it easier for me to adjust to her going to a school center.“

    Submitted July 21, 2014
  • “I like the weekly theme based education. I believe my son has learned a lot compared to what he was a year ago. He has better discipline now.“

    Submitted July 14, 2014
  • “Safe atmosphere for my son. Committed teachers/management put the children FIRST! On-site cameras so that I can view my child any time.“

    Submitted July 14, 2014

A place to learn.
A place to grow.

When children learn at their own pace, they are capable of incredible growth.

This is the core philosophy of our Life Essentials® curriculum.

Kids find happiness. Parents find peace of mind.

As a parent, you see your child growing every day—perhaps too fast. And we’re not talking about height markers on door frames.

At Kiddie Academy, we never take a single moment of your child’s growth potential for granted. We feed your child’s curiosity and instinct to learn with days filled with age-appropriate activities designed to treat every experience as an opportunity to learn.

Community Begins Here.®

Our passion is to deliver the highest quality childcare possible. This passion, and our 30 years in business, has earned us a leadership position in education-based childcare. It’s what has drives us to positively shape the lives of children, families and communities everywhere.

Why a Standards-based Curriculum is Important

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