• “Clean facility, loving caring teachers, being able to see my kids anytime with the webcams, detailed online reporting on the kid's day“

    Submitted February 23, 2015
  • “I appreciate the initiative that the teachers and managers shkw to make sure my child is not only being watched but is learning. The staff has taken time and effort to address the special needs of my child. I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy.“

    Submitted February 23, 2015
  • “All of the teachers seem to enjoy what they do and love being with the children. Also, after not being there for almost 5 years it was great to recognize a large group of the teachers from my last visit.“

    Submitted February 18, 2015
  • “I love the personal touches. All the teachers know the kids names and are very loving to them. I have heard Ms Carolyn tell the kids how much she loves them which warms a parents heart. My youngest now goes running into class and gives hugs and kisses to her teacher.“

    Submitted February 17, 2015

A place to learn.
A place to grow.

When children learn at their own pace, they are capable of incredible growth.

This is the core philosophy of our Life Essentials® curriculum.

Kids find happiness. Parents find peace of mind.

As a parent, you see your child growing every day—perhaps too fast. And we’re not talking about height markers on door frames.

At Kiddie Academy, we never take a single moment of your child’s growth potential for granted. We feed your child’s curiosity and instinct to learn with days filled with age-appropriate activities designed to treat every experience as an opportunity to learn.

Community Begins Here.®

Our passion is to deliver the highest quality childcare possible. This passion, and our 30 years in business, has earned us a leadership position in education-based childcare. It’s what has drives us to positively shape the lives of children, families and communities everywhere.

Why a Standards-based Curriculum is Important

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