• “Everyone at Kiddie Academy makes all the children feel welcome. My daughter loves being greeted each morning by her wonderful teachers!“

    Submitted August 25, 2014
  • “The teachers in each classroom are determined to make each child's experience both educational and loving. They always make time for play and fun!“

    Submitted August 24, 2014
  • “The teachers and staff are excellent!“

    Submitted August 18, 2014
  • “Kind, friendly teachers that are truly skilled and happy to be where they are!“

    Submitted August 18, 2014

A place to learn.
A place to grow.

When children learn at their own pace, they are capable of incredible growth.

This is the core philosophy of our Life Essentials® curriculum.

Kids find happiness. Parents find peace of mind.

As a parent, you see your child growing every day—perhaps too fast. And we’re not talking about height markers on door frames.

At Kiddie Academy, we never take a single moment of your child’s growth potential for granted. We feed your child’s curiosity and instinct to learn with days filled with age-appropriate activities designed to treat every experience as an opportunity to learn.

Community Begins Here.®

Our passion is to deliver the highest quality childcare possible. This passion, and our 30 years in business, has earned us a leadership position in education-based childcare. It’s what has drives us to positively shape the lives of children, families and communities everywhere.

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Grandparents Day – Free Downloadable

Posted by G.I. Jane
Grandparents are important to children in so many ways. If you’re lucky enough to have known your grandparents growing up, then you’re likely to agree they are the best. They… Read More

Be Brave Little One…

Posted by G.I. Jane
Where did the time go? My youngest is starting full day childcare in a school environment this year. He’ll be introduced to structure, curriculum, group play, and music class –… Read More

New Locations are Coming Soon!

Posted by G.I. Jane
Kiddie Academy is coming to a community near you, for information regarding any of these locations please call or visit: Arnold, MD – 410.315.7552; kiddieacademy.com/arnold Lanham, MD - 240.241.4925 ; kiddieacademy.com/lanham Des Peres,… Read More
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News & Events

Grandparents Day

1 day ago
Kiddie Academy loves grandparents! To help celebrate National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7th, Kiddie Academy has created a crafty downloadable to help your little ones learn where all their wisdom came from…their grandparents!… Read More

Infant Safe Sleep Policy

4 weeks ago
From recharging energy to building brain connections, getting sufficient sleep is important for an infant for numerous reasons. There are several guidelines regarding best practices for safe sleeping, many of which are aimed at reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Kiddie Academy’s education team works diligently with experts to ensure these guidelines are regularly updated within each academy and that staff are trained on the latest policies.… Read More

Bracing for the Back-to-School Butterflies

1 month ago
Who remembers getting the jitters when a new school year rolled around? Whether you were filled with excitement or felt downright uneasy, every parent can recall what the back-to-school butterflies felt like.… Read More