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Welcome to Kiddie Academy® of Langhorne , PA

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  • Experience Our Unique Approach To Educational Child Care Langhorne, PA

    Come see our programs for educational child care in Langhorne, PA. Experience our classrooms, enjoy our playgrounds and meet our friendly staff.

    We believe in giving children quality care and attention that concentrates on future-oriented learning and fun. These two of the fundamentals of our Life Essentials® educational philosophy. Days packed with hot, family-style meals and learning-focused experiences are designed to nurture your child, setting them up for success in K-12 and beyond.

    We make learning and fun possible with a cozy, safe daycare atmosphere. Our parents rest assured that their children are in great hands. Safe entry systems ensure that no child leaves our facility without their approved parent or guardian.

    Come see the delight on our children's faces. Come speak to our proud Langhorne Parents! They are our best references.

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    What Our Parents are Saying

    • A wonderful and cheerful environment. The teachers communicate very well with parents and I am amazed each day at what my kids have learned. The director is superb!

      Submitted July 11, 2012

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    News & Events

    News: The same old story

    Jan 28, 2015

    Have you ever noticed how your kids ask for the same book over and over again? Well, there’s a reason behind the madness and it’s quite good! While reading the same story might get tiresome for you, it's important ” and interesting ” for your children… Read More

    News: What did you do in school today? Nothing.

    Jan 23, 2015

    How many times have you asked your kids what they did at school and their response is lackluster? More specifically, they say “nothing.” We’ve all been there, and as frustrating as it might be for parents it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. Perhaps “nothing” means your kids read a new book or made a new friend at lunchtime. We know they did something, so the only way you’ll really find out is with a little extra tenderness… Read More

    News: Handy Hand Washing Tips

    Jan 19, 2015

    Flu season is never fun for parents. Between keeping germs at bay and reminding littles ones of healthy hygiene, it’s seems like someone is always bound to get sick!… Read More

    News: Splish-splash!

    Jan 02, 2015

    We know that kids are good at getting filthy! It’s a part of childhood, right? But as all parents can attest, keeping kids clean can be a chore. Whether your kids are water-lovers or tub-resistant, bath time is an essential part of maintaining good hygiene… Read More

    News: Snacking on Math

    Dec 30, 2014

    Believe it or not, children are naturally interested in math as it exists in the world around them. Whether it’s counting the cars that drive by or sorting the food on their plate, math is everywhere and children want to dive in hands-on!… Read More

    A Great Place to Make a Difference

    Are you interested in a career in child care in your community?

    Your local Kiddie Academy offers ongoing training and a professional environment, all in addition to giving you the opportunity to be surrounded by happy, eager children. At Kiddie Academy, you can truly make a difference to children and their families.