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Surviving Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are intended to help you keep up-to-date on your preschooler’s progress. But oftentimes those first few meetings make parents feel just as nervous as their children on their first day of school… Read More

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Surviving Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are intended to help you keep up-to-date on your preschooler’s progress. But oftentimes those first few meetings make parents feel just as nervous as their children on their first day of school… Read More

Finding our roots

Children often need to feel a sense of belonging while navigating this thing called life. After all, it’s hard being a kid! Learning about your family history is a fun and rewarding task for both parents and children alike. It also provides an opportunity for communication and quality time with your kids while helping them form a connection with their past… Read More

Grandparents Day

Kiddie Academy loves grandparents! To help celebrate National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7th, Kiddie Academy has created a crafty downloadable to help your little ones learn where all their wisdom came from…their grandparents!… Read More

Infant Safe Sleep Policy

From recharging energy to building brain connections, getting sufficient sleep is important for an infant for numerous reasons. There are several guidelines regarding best practices for safe sleeping, many of which are aimed at reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Kiddie Academy’s education team works diligently with experts to ensure these guidelines are regularly updated within each academy and that staff are trained on the latest policies… Read More

Bracing for the Back-to-School Butterflies

Who remembers getting the jitters when a new school year rolled around? Whether you were filled with excitement or felt downright uneasy, every parent can recall what the back-to-school butterflies felt like… Read More

Savoring Summer

Summer is almost over — say it isn’t so!? Between camps, BBQs, sports and back-to-school shopping, it’s easy to feel rushed and lost in the moment as summer comes to a close. But what if you planned for one last hurrah? Sounds exhausting, right? It doesn’t have to be… Read More

Take me out to the ballgame!

Summertime means baseball. Even if you’re not the most avid sports fan, the opportunities to learn and have fun with your family are endless during a baseball game… Read More

To the Moon and Back

As a child, there is a certain excitement and wonder when looking up at the moon during a warm summer night. In honor of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, take this opportunity to teach your kids about the wonders of outer space and what life might be like for an astronaut… Read More

Join us for Storytime LIVE!

Kiddie Academy is hosting two Storytime LIVE! events this summer - on July 26 and August 23. For a list of participating Storytime LIVE! Kiddie Academy locations, register at… Read More

An Ocean of Opportunities

Ocean and beach play are a big part of summer fun. From Alaska to the Atlantic, the Gulf Coast to the West Coast, and the Virgin Islands to the Pacific Islands, our nation holds more than 11,000 miles of coast and 2.5 million acres of ocean and Great Lakes waters. It’s incredible when you really think about it!… Read More

Clearing the Clutter

Chores are a necessary (and often annoying) aspect of life. The thought of assigning chores to your children might seem like a chore in itself but it’s an important part in teaching responsibility… Read More

“I’m bored!”

Raise your hand if you’re a working parent who sends their kids to daycare? If you’re a part of this ever-growing group of families then you also know how weekend hours can be filled with ample family time that often results in two things: Parents who want to catch up on rest and clear their heads, yet feel extra guilty for not wanting to be on their feet all weekend long entertaining their kids; Children who are easily bored being away from the fun and learning of an educational child care center and therefore expect their parents to entertain them every waking hour of the weekend. Yikes! We’re exhausted just thinking about it!… Read More

More Than Fresh Air

Educational opportunities abound in nature, creating a living laboratory where teachings come to life. Outdoor games can enhance a child’s opportunity to learn and the tools you need for fun activities are right in your own backyard!… Read More

Family Game Night

Spending time together as a family is just as important as having fun. And what better way to incorporate both than to host a family game night! Everyone in the family -- young and not-so-young -- can take part in this delightful and entertaining family tradition… Read More

Just another Mother’s Day

Be honest, mothers. Is that special Sunday in May really that special? Or do you often set yourself up for disappointment? Sure, you may still get a weed bouquet, a homemade card or cereal in bed. Those are the kind of moment’s life is made of. But rather than chalk it up to just one day, why not make the most of it and encourage those moments in your everyday life?… Read More

Teacher Appreciation Week

They’re loving, courageous, dedicated and have more patience than a rock. No, we’re not talking about parents (although parents, we know you fit the mold quite nicely). We’re talking about teachers. The heroes who fill our classrooms and stand by parents to continually step up for the future of the children and communities they serve… Read More

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